Lively Laser Tag – Addressing A Pressing Need During COVID-19

How a Locally-Owned Entertainment Facility is Offering Tutoring Services to Help Kids

While the negative business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been well documented, especially on small locally-owned companies, they can provide some hope in the midst of it, too.  Lively Laser Tag (formerly Kidoolo Play Club) in Springfield, NJ is focusing on how to offset some of the challenges on kids’ education during these unusual times. 

Next week, Lively Laser Tag, founded by Trish Stephens, is partnering with the organization “Learn To Be” to begin offering FREE online tutoring to low income students, grades K-12.  Also, it will open its facility after school to offer access to free Wi-Fi for those without it.  Since it has implemented several COVID-19 safety measures, including sanitization stations throughout the facility, upgraded air filters, temperature checks and masks requirement, it is not only a safe place to play, but is also a conducive environment for its younger customers to learn. 

When Trish Stephens left corporate America in 2017 to open Lively Laser Tag, she had a vision of providing a better play experience for families, friends and co-workers.  After re-opening in August after a five-month shut-down, she was focused on how to rebuild her business.  However, with hearing the toll of COVID-19 on her customers and in the media, she saw a need to address an issue facing kids.  “As a mother of a school-aged son, I know firsthand the added struggle and challenges on kids and parents with this disruption to our normal educational routine.  Also, hiring private tutors can be quite expensive and isn’t something everyone can afford” said Trish.  During this stressful time of need, she wants to help provide additional resources to families with limited time and financial resources to complement instructional needs and to prevent kids from falling behind in school, especially for families that often experience inequities in underserved communities. 

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About Lively Laser Tag:

Lively Laser Tag is a boutique entertainment center offering a state-of-the-art laser tag arena, video games and arcade games.  It blends fun attractions with a modern stylish space making it appropriate for all ages.  Uniquely, it hosts private birthday parties, groups, events and business team building sessions to provide more safety, superior personalized service and an overall better experience for individual groups.  Lively Laser Tag established by Trish Stephens, has over 20 years of business and marketing experience in the retail and entertainment industries, and is a graduate of Spelman College and The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s MBA Program.


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