Laser Tag

Lively Laser Tag’s Laser Tag elevates your fun to a new level. We offer the best laser tag parties and open laser experience in Northern NJ with our new state-of-the-art-equipment, hip New York City-themed 3,000 sq. ft. arena, an adventurous maze, two towers and upbeat music for a thrilling experience for all ages. Our Springfield, NJ arena is perfect for kids, ages 6 and above, to adults that want to have just as much fun as kids. Lively Laser Tag has 16 ultra-lightweight vests and a variety of game formats to entertain your group.

Your enjoyment has always been our goal. Lively Laser Tag’s indoor laser tag arena is new, ultra clean and our staff is well trained to provide safe fun. Lively Laser Tag offers a variety of ways to enjoy the fun by offering spectacular birthday parties, group outings, open laser tag sessions, team building events and adult socials. With a goal of creating more engaging, personable and safer play experiences, it focuses on entertaining fewer groups at a time and offering its signature private laser tag parties. Lively Laser Tag’s players consider us as New Jersey’s finest when it comes to creating the best Laser Tag party or open laser experience. Have questions about Laser Tag? Please review our Laser Tag FAQs for more information.

To get in on the fun, you can book laser tag reservations at {Book Laser} or call 973-788-5993 to reserve your spot. Pricing: $35/Hour-Per Player .  Includes 4 rounds of laser.

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