Laser Tag FAQs

How many people do you need to play laser tag?

The minimum number of people to play laser tag is 2. But, ideally, teams consist of a minimum of four to six people. It is preferable to have an even number of players, but don’t worry if there are not because other players often show up during open play or we can re-balance teams based on experience and skills.

Is there a laser tag age restriction?

Laser tag is a game for all ages. Players should be 6+ years old and willing to play in a dark arena with glow-in-the-dark lights. Laser Tag isn’t just for kids, many teens, adults, parents, grandparents and work colleagues enjoy playing laser tag. Its appeals to active folks looking for a sense of adventure and a healthy competitive spirit.

What are some insider laser tag player tips?

There are several tactics to improve your laser tag skills and performance.

    • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, some players believe wearing dark clothing provides a competitive advantage by becoming more stealth.
    • Develop a game strategy that consists of offense and defense.
    • Work to score bonus points by destroying the opponent’s base.
    • Move constantly, change your locations and seek out great hiding spaces with a great position for tagging opponents.
    • Communicate and interact with your teammates. The victory is at stake, so signal your allies about enemies’ locations, their movements, calling for back-up and refine your game strategy between game rounds.

However, don’t take winning too seriously. At the end of the day, it’s all in fun and games. So

How many different ways can laser tag be played?

Lively Laser Tag offers over 20 different game formats, however there are several that prove to be players’ favorite. By far, the most popular game is the Team format. The collaboration and partnership allows teammates to bond and enjoy working together for a thrilling experience. Also, other popular laser tag formats are Free-For-All, which is an individual effort, and Capture the Flag, another variation of team play.

Is laser tag safe?

Laser Tag is a socially distanced activity that is both safe and fun. Moreover, it is an
entertaining, healthy way to get the body moving and get the heart pulsating with low cardio
exercise. Also, laser tag light beams are safe and uses the same infrared technology in TV
remote controls. Laser tag equipment is sanitized after each use.

How does laser tag work?

Laser Tag is a modern, high-tech, indoor and contactless play experience using infrared
technology to shoot harmless laser beams that tags sensors in the vests in order to score points
and temporarily deactivate opponents. Games statistics are tracked real-time and tabulated by
individual players and by team.

Is there an age and height requirement for laser tag?

We truly want all kids to have a blast and stay safe, so the recommended age is 6+ years and 42+ inches tall.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 973.788.5993 or and it will be our pleasure to answer additional questions.